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IR / Full Spectrum Conversions

- Infrared Sample Photos
- Full Spectrum Sample Photos

We offer the following filter choices for your camera;

IR 660nm
IR 720nm
IR 840nm
and Full Spectrum

Prices to have your Digital Converted with Pro Camera Repair - Includes labor, 90 day warranty, and filter of your choice.
Prices do not include return shipping.

Full Framed DSLRs        All non-Full Framed DSLRs        Point and Shoots
       $325                                $200                                 $100

Prices may vary, please email us for details at [email protected]


  1. Does the camera meter proporly after the conversion?
    The camera will meter normally. However, your camera will only meters visable light. The amount of infrared light varies from scene to scene even if overall brightness is metered the same. Since the camera light meter detects only visible light, depending on the environment you may need to over or underexpose 1.3 stops in either direction.
  2. WIll I need to manually focus to the IR mark or will the auto focus work?
    The auto focus will still work, however the IR spectrum tends to focus slightly further back. Some lenses have a marking specific for IR photography. We typically recalibrate the sensor to accomodate for this shift. For Canon DSLRs, we calibrate to the 50mm 1.8 lens; and for Nikon and Fuji DSLRs, we calibrate with the18-70mm AF-S DX lens. 
  3. How do you make sure there is no dust trapped during the installation?
    We have a specifically designed process for dust elimination working in class 5 clean air and get as close to a dust free conversion. The IR Filter and the CCD is thoroughly cleaned before the filter conversion is sealed. 
  4. I attempted to convert the camera to IR and broke it, can you repair it for me?
    Yes, contact us for a repair estimate and we'll gladly provide you a quote.
  5. Can I just order the infrared filter and do the conversion myself?
    Yes! If you can't find the filter for your specific camera, contact us.
  6. How do I order?
    You can either purchase the filter through eBay, or you can contact us through email or phone to place the order.
  7. Do you accept international orders?
    You can either purchase the filter through eBay, or you can contact us through email or phone to place the order. We ship the filter USPS Priority Mail for $16 and this includes a method of tracking for all our international customers.